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By Troy Anderson

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HIghlander Pattern

Kryptek Camouflage has captivated me ever since I started using it. My personal experience of using EvoOutdoors products, has led me to these great pieces which I will share my honest opinion. I would like to start off the with the gear in the Highlander pattern that I’ll be running this year. With that said, I’ll first list the specific pieces I have and then get into the meat and potatoes of it.

Hoplite 1/4 Zip Merino

First I started with the base layer. I got the Hoplite Merino Wool long sleeve 1/4 zip. This shirt has proven to be a very light weight and comfortable shirt to wear while out on the plains antelope hunting. Kryptek took a great fabric and made the underarms with vented permeation holes on the under side of the arms for keeping the hunter cooler in the heat.


I also added the Sherpa Cerdic II hoodie for that added extra layer of warmth for the cold mornings in the high altitudes of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The Sherpa has a nice added warmth of a thin gridded fleece lining and a half zip hood for the added protection against the harsh backcountry elements.

The pants are what I am the hardest on. Last two pairs of pants I used were destroyed within the first couple of days of season. The Kryptek Alaios pants are designed with a lot of fore thought into them. I like that these pants are made from a light weight fabric that is comfortable in the heat as well as functional in the cold, with the addition base layer bottoms from Kryptek. Kryptek Alaios pants have ten total pockets that are user friendly in the field. One set of pockets are located down low on each ankle area, which I used to place my hunting tags in one side and if I’m spot and stalking, my rangefinder fits in the other side. Two separate pockets are situated on each thigh, one accessible from top while standing and the other is accessible from a side zipper, perpendicular to the top pocket, making it a great pocket to utilize from a sitting position. The others are your normal front and rear pockets. All the pockets except the top pockets have zippers that are quiet when opening and closing. Another great design that Kryptek added was the knee pads and the way they are kept in place with the two velcro straps as seen on each side of the knees in this picture. It allows you to crawl around on a stalk without the knee pads constantly shifting around and holds them securely in place. The knees have a added material that seems to help resist tears and holes.


The last two parts of my ensemble are the outer jacket and the hat with American Flag, of course.


The jacket I chose, is the Cadog, which is a mid-weight jacket. The Cadog has a soft stretch material that is a flexible outer shell with a fleece inner backing. Like the pants, it also has numerous pockets and velcro wrist straps to adjust for comfort. The jacket is water resistant, and has a cord around the waist to pull in for wind or rain. An added bonus is the armpits have a zipper vents in them so you can keep cool when heat builds up without removing your jacket.

If you are getting ready for the hunt of a lifetime, or a hunt that you want to be sure to have the right camo for, make sure to check out EvoOutdoors for your next trip to the field. EvoOutdoors also has a Camo Concierge service on their website if you need additional assistance.

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