Stalk or Stand?

Stalk or Stand?

Hunting with a bow can be quite challenging, which is why I love it so much. It tests your knowledge and your skill to the utmost, almost to the point of frustration. The two main techniques in hunting are using a stand in a tree, or while utilizing cover or natural terrain to stalk your game.

I have been shooting a bow since I was 6 years of age and hunting with my bow as soon as I was legal age (12) in my province of Alberta. So to do simple math I’m 39 years old now, which means I have spent 27 years hunting with my bow.

Now my question to you is in those 27 years, how many deer would you guess I have shot from a tree stand 10? 12? 15? Truth is only 1 that’s right I said 1. I prefer to hunt from the ground. I like to find a nice spot with some good back cover and wait. Don’t get me wrong I have tried the tree stand, and it frustrated me to no end when I would spot a deer and they would be 80-90 yards away and nothing I could do but watch cause I was stuck to one spot.

I will use last season for my example as it was a pretty good year. I have permission on some private land about 8-10 Km from my house. I spent the start of the season observing the deers habits. Once I thought I figured them out they would shift on me. I would think they were going left, they would go right. I finally figured out the pattern which coincided on the wind direction. I had determined that they would hop the fence on the south end when the wind was out of the west and start grazing on the grass in this field. So I set up in some tall grass and waited… Sure enough I heard the twang of the barbed wire fence 30 min into waiting. I poke my head up and ranged. She was 40 yards and closing. I drew back as she was quartering away at 25 yards and got up on my knees to sealed the deal with a arrow through the lungs. It was a unbelievable feeling to know I was just 25 yards away on even ground and filled the freezer.

As soon as the temperature dropped the habits changed once again. No longer would they graze the grass fields, they stuck to the trees. So I have spotted a few buck in this patch of trees in the past, and decided to make my way over to these trees and set up with some cover. As I approached I bumped a doe and drew on her but she went behind a bush turned and walked straight away from me with the bush in between us. After this encounter I found some trees to get cover and set up. Within a minute I spotted a buck walking in at about 250 yards. Within 5-10 min he was 48 yards, then 35 yards, then 28… He goes behind a bush, turns and walks right towards me. Still behind the bush I draw back and he comes out still walking towards me. I finally had to let the arrow fly at 10 yards. The arrow entered his chest and he didn’t make it 20 yards.



What a amazing hunt! I just wish I would have filmed the hunt because no one will ever believe how close I got to this buck! Now am I saying hunting from a tree stand is wrong? No, I’m just saying it’s not for me. I like the option to move around and set my self up, as I have had more success this way and feel it has created better opportunities for my hunting success.


What is your preference?

Let’s talk ProStaff….

To many it means professional. To the industry it’s either professional or promotional and usually both. We all know those guys/gals who hold up the products in pics and say this got the job done. Really?! Does that sell?!

Here at EvoOutdoors we have personally struggled with the term and its impact. Not only on the current hunters but our future generation. Many get caught up in wanting to get paid to hunt or getting free gear from sponsors. Though very, very few do! It then becomes a blasting all over social media which in turn does exactly the opposite of what the genuine intentions are, and most of the time it comes across as “See what I have and you don’t”.

Product should speak for itself. If it fits right and performs well in the field then you tell a buddy. That is what we are after. A conversation between friends, family, workers, or hunters about a product you love and trust. #HonestPromotion

Let the product and customer service speak! Maybe we’re old fashion, but good old word of mouth you can trust, and it seems to be a thing of the past. Could we call ourselves #Vintage and be hip with the new generation?

To us our ProStaff means much more. They are our partners, our team, professional people, hunters, volunteers and most of all honest hardworking people.We have created a team of individuals we believe in. Not because they are professional or promotional but because they are good people who love to hunt and love getting involved in their community. Each partner offers something different to our team and we value even the smallest contributions. Yes they are encouraged to promote the product we carry that they believe in. #HonestPromotion   Yes, they receive a discount to purchase gear they wish to support, and yes they are encouraged to share it on social media if its meets their standards of a great product. Our partners are hunters who share in our vision of offering quality products with quality customer service. They see the bigger picture than just receiving a discount on products. They are in a position to set an example, to do something bigger, to give back.

After our first year down we are lucky to have gained so much support. A true thank you goes out to those supporters and our amazing ProStaff. We couldn’t do it with out you and our Team!


Here’s to being #Vintage